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      I dont grt Mich time away from the family but I’m looking for ideas I can do so I can have mommy time. Any ideas?

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      I personally love going to Barnes and noble, getting a coffee and walking around. But I’m a bookworm for sure!

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      Finding a yoga class really helped me

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      Agree with the two posts about wandering Barnes and Noble and taking a yoga class at our local YMCA. We have a great public library with free programs during school hours. It’s great to learn something new!

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      These last three replies are from some smart moms… I can’t top their suggestions

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      exercise or shopping, some sort of active activity

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      I have started making time for myself in the mornings having my coffee and just relaxing. In the evenings sometimes I will stay up later than everyone else and watch a show on Hulu or just read. I recently expressed to my husband that I feel I need a little bit of me time outside of the house from time to time and I think I’m going to ask my sister’s to go out to dinner or possibly even just go by myself to Starbucks and have a coffee. Something else I like to do is go walk around Hobby Lobby or Target and Window Shop.

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