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    We are both wanting to fix up our house but my husband doesn’t want to spend any money. He gets nervous and upset when we talk about improving our house because he has money worries. How are we supposed to fix up anything if we can’t spend any money?!

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    Maybe his concern is about hiring a company to fix up. Maybe there are some small DIY projects that you can do it together. It will not be a money-free project, but definitely will save you a lot of money

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    Work on a budget together.Figure out where you can save (even a little, slowly), and put that money in a fix-up fund. When the money is there, so you aren’t borrowing or putting your financial stability in jeopardy, you can go ahead. Or maybe, do you have a handy friend who would like a side job – and you can barter a service you have (babysitting? cooking for that person? cleaning their house/)

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    You’d be surprised how many projects you can DIY. YouTube videos and pinterest are great resources. It’s a great way to save money.

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    time to sacrifice

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    With DIY kits (depending on what you want to fix)-for one. Also, start small at first then you guys can work up to bigger projects if need be). You guys can start saving a few dollars out of every paycheck & putting it up/away, dubbing it your ” fixer fund” (or whatever); until, you have enough saved up to start your first fixer upper in/on the house…

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    We have done a lot of DIY projects over the years which has saved a ton of money with only small investments on purchasing things needed…and going to You Tube for “advice & how to’s!’

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    I agree with the above comment about DIY projects. You would be surprised what you can make on your own for very little money!

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    You can also sign up for free diy classes at Home Depot if there is one in your area. They offer classes on a lot of different things. They teach you how to do the projects andshow you what materials you need.

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    My husband can do it all himself. From roofing to completely gutting and rebuilding. I’m so thankful for this! This has saved us a ton of money by not having to hire people. Unfortunately it takes time and he has a full time job and we’re busy with our kids. It also still requires money for major renovations like this. We took out a home equity loan and it’s added to our mortgage. Best decision. We’ve been doing renovations a little at a time for the past 15 years. We have a big old house and we’re slowly getting it to where we like it! It takes time and we do as much as we can when we can!

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    Good read.

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