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      Hi- wondering if any moms heard/know of Muckle-Wells Syndrome?

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      Here is some information I read about it! I have added a link down below as well. I hope this helps
      Muckle-Wells syndrome
      Muckle-Wells syndrome is a disorder characterized by periodic episodes of skin rash, fever, and joint pain. Progressive hearing loss and kidney damage also occur in this disorder.

      People with Muckle-Wells syndrome have recurrent “flare-ups” that begin during infancy or early childhood. These episodes may appear to arise spontaneously or be triggered by cold, heat, fatigue, or other stresses. Affected individuals typically develop a non-itchy rash, mild to moderate fever, painful and swollen joints, and in some cases redness in the whites of the eyes (conjunctivitis).

      Hearing loss caused by progressive nerve damage (sensorineural deafness) typically becomes apparent during the teenage years. Abnormal deposits of a protein called amyloid (amyloidosis) cause progressive kidney damage in about one-third of people with Muckle-Wells syndrome; these deposits may also damage other organs. In addition, pigmented skin lesions may occur in affected individual.

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      Howdo you tolerate this?

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      never heard of it

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      Thank u

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      How is this condition treated?

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      How is it

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      never heard of it

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      Good read.

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      Helpful information.

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      Nice one

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