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      Ever since he started high school being 4’10” and very skinny, he’s been sleeping 14-16 hours every day/night. He grew quickly to 5’2 and became stocky and muscular. He’s now 5’4 and grew an inch within a week a bit ago. I noticed that when my older son was his age, he slept the same way and amount. He was very small and I never would’ve thought he would be big and tall until he jumped from 5’4 to 6’3 at 17.

      We had a sleep study done but everything came back normal. I was starting to let it go until he slept for 20 hours yesterday and today… Do you guys think this is normal especially if he might end up growing quickly? I’m just worried 🙁

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      Teenagers do need a lot of sleep, but that really seems like an awful lot. Maybe he’s just hanging out in his room. If he’s not depressed, maybe that is OK for him.,

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      I agree with the other comment. It does seem like a lot. Do you think you are able to talk to him about this?

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      It does seem like a lot of sleep. Have you talked with your pediatrician?

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      When I was a teenager I slept a lot of hours still do as an adult. Got it checked and was told you must love sleep lol

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        I agree, I slept every chance I could get when I was a teen all the way up until my mid 20’s.

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        That is exactly what i would do….

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      Have hi checked for narchapasy (may not be spelled right) – google it – my father in law had it and it was bad.

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      Vitamins– specifically B12
      and maybe get his hormones checked!

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      I think you should listen to your gut and go see your pediatrician. If you think something is wrong, don’t give up. Could be a hormone imbalance.

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      Needs checked for narcholopsy (may not be spelled right)

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      Need expert opinion here

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