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    What is an easy and effective natural cleaning product recipe?

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    Spread some baking soda, spray white vinegar or lemon juice – cleans all my pots and oven to perfection

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    thanks for posting!

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    I clean all my windows and mirrors with vinegar. Cheaper!

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    yes..to the vinegar. I wouldn’t bother to make my own if I had to buy a bunch of stuff and mix it all up, and then add essential oil etc. But plain old vinegar works. And, basically, soap is soap; you don’t need lots of different kinds for different uses. Life works very well when it is simpler.

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    It depends on what you are trying to clean. Hydrogen peroxide will disinfect like bleach, but is gentler for around kids. VInegar mixed with water will clean most surfaces, counters, windows, etc. Anything with more stubborn stains, you can use baking soda and water to make a paste to scrub off.

    I follow the wellnessmama.com blog and she has a ton of great natural cleaning recipes!

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    vinegar is the wonder substance

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    For cleaning baby bottles, I use MADE OF organic and all natural baby bottle and dish soap and their organic multi-surface cleaner. Works great and is completely natural.

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    Great tips!

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    Orange Citrus Works amazing essential oil add a few drops to your water spray bottle and you won’t believe how well your house will smell it works wonders and a little bit goes a long way trust me

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