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      Hello moms, I was wondering if anyone has tried alternative or natural remediesfor ADHD rather than having your child taking prescription medications or if you took your child off mess. And tried something else and if so what has been effective for your child

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      natural 100% Also alter the child’s diet as well.

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      definately a therpist

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      Organic plant bases diet is said to help a lot. Avoid sugars, dyes, and processed foods.

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      I changed my son’s diet. Nothing that has red dye in it cause that makes them worst

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      I changed my youngest diet cause i didnt want to put him on meds yet and it hasnt worked 100% but there has been some difference

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      Good information.

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      My daughter was diagnosed 5 years ago and we were not given a diet option at that time. She could not function in school, had difficulty concentrating and focusing.I avoided medication, but finally gave in and I have to say wow what a difference. While I prefer all natural now, I found it difficult to make any changes to my 10 year olds diet. She doesn’t eat as it is, and any changes I have made she rejects. She also is on the Autism spectrum so it makes it difficult with her issue with change. I do avoid as much sugar as possible, and organic and non-GMO, ect. but with her not eating hardly anything, it is still hard to modify her diet. Medication is not for everyone, it is a decision each parent has to make. I just could not watch my daughter suffer anymore in school, and with her autism, yeah, it is not easy. I did however, choose a non psychotropic medication so she doesn’t have to take it everyday.

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      Thank you for all of the shares. This really helped me.

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      Your welcome.

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      Great info

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      My daughter takes On task for ADHD. Is great, natural and it helps her a lot. Doesn’t hurt to give it a try. A saw changes in a week.

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      behavioral therapy important too

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      therapy. cbd oil (please no negative comments, every one has their opinions), cherry juice is a natural sleep inducer

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      Following, as new to momsmeet, an looking for some natural alternatives for a teenager and myself, an adult.

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      Try looking into changing some foods in their diet

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      We use Omega-3 (fish oil) that has 2-3 times more EPA than DHA in it; and give multi-vitamins that are high in B-6 and magnesium. It’s also important to limit the sugar, salt, and caffeine intake. Not saying this works for everyone, but there has been noticeable improvement in our family.

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      Natural is best but sometime its just slow or dont work so have a backup just in case

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      natural, but if that doesn’t work slowly doing prescription.

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