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      I need some boost on some great recipes to help change my eating habits.

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      My husband has got diagnosed with type 2. His new diet is lots of lean protein (that can be quinoa, grilled chicken, grilled center cut pork loin) and lots of veggies (he opts for grilled as well). Cut out the sugar and the carbs. Don’t worry about adding grain into your diet unless you like whole wheat grain items. cut out fruit because of its sugar content. start your mornings with slim fast shakes with 20g protein or try greek yogurt’ either plain or dannon oikos vanilla triple zero greek yogurt, and maybe add some cinnamon. you need to up your protein in the morning to get your metabolism started. and lose weight slowly. if you lose weight too fast your metabolism will slow down and it will be harder to lose more weight. Eat a healthy snack, then eat lunch, then another snack, then supper. And remember to check calories. This was what our doctor recommended for my husband and it seems to be working for me as well. If budget is tight, you will find that by eating this way and cutting out the junk food will still result in about the same budget. It has for us anyway.

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      trry the whole30 diet

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      My brother in law has that and he tries to eat all natural

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      The real simple solution is to find what works for you and your body and stick with it–LOL. I am diabetic, but I am not only that. I have 4 different diets that I have to adhere to, so eating for me is a real big challenge, but-nonetheless-like I said before, you have to find what works for and with you and stick to that; because everybody’s body is different and what works for some does not work for all…

      **Just My Two Cents**

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      Gracias a comer.saludable yo ya no soy prediabetica.. todo esta en una dieta saludable baja en carbohidratos.

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