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    Hi everyone, I’m hoping someone can give me some ideas for Fathers Day for my hubby. He is one of those men who has everything he wants/needs, & he is shipping out overseas in about 6 weeks. So I wanted to make him something that he can enjoy now since he won’t be able to take it with him. I’m decently creative, and I have a good amount of craft and “around the house” items to use, so any suggestions for something that he would really enjoy for the next 6 weeks would be super appreciated!!

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    How old are the kids? Time together/ memory making (simple) day trips would be best. Or maybe a small scrap book of previous times together, with pictures, he could take.

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    Maybe create a family blog, so that your husband can follow along with your family’s day-to-day activities while he’s away.

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    Depending on where you live ,a nice day at the beach will be wonderful .

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