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    Hi ladies! I’m due with a baby boy in June and my husband and I can’t agree on a middle name. I would like a middle name that is easy to say in Spanish seeing how a lot of my family will struggle with saying Zane which will be his first name. Any ideas out there? Help this mamma out please!

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    Daniel? Phillip? Thomas? Adam?

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    David, Bruno, or Carlos

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    Maybe having your last name as the middle name, and Dad’s last name as the last name is a good idea. That is pretty common in Hispanic cultures, I think.

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    B J

    A lot of good ideas, nice names.

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    Isaac or adrian

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    Zane…Alvaro, or…..Asier ah-see-YEHR “the beginning” 🙂

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    Curious to know if you’ve made a decision

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    I was curious too!!

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    Thank you for all the suggestions! I sadly have not made a decision yet lol im just not falling in love with anything. I liked the idea about my maiden name as his middle name but my maiden name is two words so would be weird imo. I like Zane Alexander just need dh to get on board 😑

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