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    Hey mamas,

    I’m a new mother of a 5mo boy and I have zero friends. I’m looking for friends in my area, but while I’m searching I would love some virtual support. Any mom who’s looking for a digital pen pal/texting buddy to help each other through challenges, make each other laugh and encourage healthy lifestyle choices, PLEASE PICK ME!!! Let’s be friends.

    Lots of love,

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    Awww! I live in California and my kids are older, (16 and 11) but I remember what it was like to have a little one. If you ever need a friend feel free to text/email me. my email address is [email protected]

    Betty 🙂

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    Hi I am in Houston Tx but would love to connect. [email protected] 713-899-1116

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    Hello fellow mom ambassadors….I’m Mona and I’m in Houston also, I can be a pen pal or text friend or just encouraging friend.
    My kids are grown mostly so feel free to connect with me.
    We never know how we can bless each other.

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    Thank you for sharing

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    How sweet of you. I hope you get loads of responses…

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    Being a mom does make it harder to find time for yourself and being with friends I have my kids and I raise the kids of 2 family members that are unable to care for them so I feel where you coming from

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    ME!! I have no friends either. I have a few people who I kind of know but anytime we ever make plans they either cancel or just stand me up and never return my call or text. I don’t text or call more than once, if they don’t get back to me then I take the hint. I don’t even know why I say yes to their invites anymore because I always know the plan will never happen.

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    I’m sorry that you were stood up by someone, it hurts me being alone sometimes but I’m used. We can connect anytime you need to talk or whatever

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    I definitely am looking for virtual friends as well. My name is Nia and I would definitely find it helpful. Consider us friends

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    Nice to connect with you this way, let’s chat pray or just venting. We all need someone to talk to sometimes.

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    I feel lonely way too often. I definitely love how we are on this page. Usually helping each other with info or lifting each other up. If only the world was more like this. <3

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    Sometimes it is the smallest things that mean the most, a text or a hello so that you don’t feel like you are all alone. For all the moms out there waking up and taking on life you are rock stars! Don’t forget to remind someone you know she is doing an amazing job too. It matters!

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    I love the community of this group

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    <3 <3 <3

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    I’m glad you got so many responses! Moms helping moms!

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    I’m in New York and I’m available to talk anytime.

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