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      Does anyone have any suggestions for a fun family vacation with a 2yo? We live in the southeast and prefer to drive rather than fly.

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      go to tennesee

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      Lots of great suggestions once your child is older (Orlando, beaches, national parks). But a two year old isn’t safe at some of these, won’t appreciate them and won’t be a good traveler… I’d do a staycation with chill time for the family, local walks and picnics, that sort of thing.

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      Thanks for the ideas!

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      Any zoo or aquarium is a good start. Don’t forget to take snacks and a stroller. Maybe buy a new toy to keep the child occupied if he/she gets bored. Good luck on your journey!

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      Thanks for the suggestions!

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      Disney resorts!

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      Not sure how far this would be but we did Washington DC with a 2 year old and 6 month old and it was fantastic!! All of the museums are free so we went to six different places over three days and being we didn’t pay admission if there was a meltdown we could leave and either go back or find something else to do once it was over. Restaurants were pricey but being activities were free it really didn’t matter too much. Also we stayed outside of the city and took a train in. Our double stroller did great everywhere we went so with one little one you’d be fine!

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      Children’s museums are always really fun

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      Try to be part of your local moms group if you have one. Total life savor

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      I like the ideas

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      great ideas — thank you!

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      The outer banks in summer time is a must ! And fun for parents and kids !

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