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      I’m From OHIO. Going throught a Divorce again at 28. My ex Stole my son from me and ive been trying to get him back but non of the judges seem to care that i havent seen my son in over 110 days. Im about to go crazy. I miss my son. I cant afford an lawyer. He has one but hes making me look horrible. I supported this Man for 2 years and Now he wants Alimony and for me to pay Child support. Im so loss and no where to turn.

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      Im not sure if its helpful but contact the bar association in ohio . Lawyers are required to do so many pro bono ( free ) hours per year , maybe they can get you to a decent lawyer for free , also try legal aid in your area ( in phone book ) good luck !

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      In most states: if your husband can afford a lawyer, he can afford to pay for your lawyer. Your money is community property. So find a lawyer to represent you who will go to court and ask the court to order him to pay.

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