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      Do any of you moms have a hard time finding new activities to do with your kids? My sisters have young children and say it’s a struggle to find new things to do to keep their kids interested/learning during the day. I’m a BYU student studying entrepreneurship and I’d love to learn if this is a problem for you and if you’d be interested in a solution. Just comment below or direct message me. Thank you so, so much for your replies; they really help!

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      do art

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      yes. If your solution is a way to get us inexpensive (craft) projects, that don’t require more work on our part to get them ready than it takes the kids to play with/tire of.

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      they like to spend time in front of screens

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      Take a look on It’s a web for mothers in US
      There are local communities for almost every big City in US and you can find events to jin with your kids. I’m in Boston group and I find it really helpful to me!

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        Hi Sandy Rowland,

        Checked your site….good one. thinking of joining soon…

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      B J

      We also do a lot of crafts. The kids love them and they are quite inexpensive.

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      I am a single mom with three children. Activities rely heavily on the children’s ages. My children are 12, 10, & 6 we do a lot of nature activities. We go hiking on local trails, it is also very educational. It was so exciting when my youngest pointed out a Monarch Butterfly. Getting them outside allows us to spend time together, it’s nice to leave technology for a while. I love the memories we’ll always have.

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      Hi Ella Madsen, what is the age of your child? Just asking in case i may help you as i have passed through the same phase few times ago 🙂

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      Yes, it’s always a challenge to find activities that are fun and affordable. We do a lot of programs at our local library and community center.

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