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    Do any of you moms have a hard time finding new activities to do with your kids? My sisters have young children and say it’s a struggle to find new things to do to keep their kids interested/learning during the day. I’m a BYU student studying entrepreneurship and I’d love to learn if this is a problem for you and if you’d be interested in a solution. Just comment below. Thank you so, so much for your replies; they really help!

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    yes kids are too into technology

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    B J

    Doing activities with your kids are so much fun and great to do this with your kids. You can do all sorts of things, doing a puzzle together, baking, and they love Legos!

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    simple things -for example, one hula hoop to step in and out of; play basketball thru; try to roll, jump in and out. (Should keep you all busy for…oh, 5 minutes)

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    yes, they want to spend time in front of a screen

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