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      Do any of you moms have a hard time finding new activities to do with your kids? My sisters have young children and say it’s a struggle to find new things to do to keep their kids interested/learning during the day. I’m a BYU student studying entrepreneurship and I’d love to learn if this is a problem for you and if you’d be interested in a solution. Just comment below. Thank you so, so much for your replies; they really help!

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      yes kids are too into technology

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      B J

      Doing activities with your kids are so much fun and great to do this with your kids. You can do all sorts of things, doing a puzzle together, baking, and they love Legos!

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      simple things -for example, one hula hoop to step in and out of; play basketball thru; try to roll, jump in and out. (Should keep you all busy for…oh, 5 minutes)

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      yes, they want to spend time in front of a screen

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      Take a look on http://www.esme.com It’s a web for mothers in US
      There are local communities for almost every big City in US and you can find events to jin with your kids. I’m in Boston group and I find it really helpful to me!

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      B J

      This is great information – I’ll look into the websites. Thank you.

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      love outdoor activities with my kiddos

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      so many things to do! parks! malls! libraries! local FB groups! stores offer free classes to kids such as lego store, apple, Microsoft etc

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      Very good information provided here.

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      Our family plays alot of cards. Match game, go fish for the little ones. Skipbo is our favorite for the whole family plus it teaches numbers and counting.

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      I love to play hide and seek with my kids. They enjoy playing it a lot. And when I work or cook, they come around and play with the cutlery and anything they find. I make sure that they are playing and having fun or eating good, and keep them away from technology.

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      Such great advise!

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      Looks like a great time.

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      These are such great ideas!

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      Sounds fun.

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      I always am finding new things to do with my kids, I like arts and crafts most because there are hundreds of things you can do! I also have them help with cooking letting them help in the kitchen gets them excited to eat and try new things. Also big thing for my family we are always outside on nice days going to the park, out for a swim, cooking out, playing etc. I also love reading new books to my kids and letting them color! There are so many things to do I can’t list them all, but keeping them entertained and learning and exploring new things is always important.

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      B J

      Great ideas, that do sound like a lot of fun.

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      How fun! My family would love doing this.

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      I love to bring back the “old” activities for my grandchildren , like chalk on the sidewalk, jump rope, marbles, hopscotch, tag, arts and crafts (painting rocks, scavenger hunts etc

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      Great read- many ideas!

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      I absolutely love this.

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      Love boardgames but my children just want to have their faces in front of the screens 😢

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      Such great read.

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      I love creative hands on play for my grandchildren….no TV and electrical devices while at grammies house (and there is always something to do)!!!!!

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      No offense to your sisters, but this is honestly a parent created problem. It’s not difficult to engage with young children. They need lots of stimulation, but at a young age, ANYTHING can be educational and stimulating, as long as the parent takes the initiative to make it educational and/or stimulating. some parents just aren’t interested or aren’t very creative.

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      This is cool.

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      Many of the craft projects or game ideas take a lot of preparation on the parent side… and don’t engage the children long enough to make it worth it. I’d like additional simple and quick ideas that WORK

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      Good ideas!

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      Lego blocks and reading have been our fun

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      go for a walk is an awesome thing

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      Puzzles are good and guessing games like find the same picture cards.

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      slim, playdouhg, scavenger hunts/ treasure hunts, tag, making forts , obstical course

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      Love to see children have fun and enjoy themselves by playing pin the tail on the donkey, dunking for apples, pinata, potato sack races, musical chairs. The old fashion games that we as children used to do. That would be fun, even add some twists and turns to them.

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      My Children love to do finger painting and I’ve also made paper mache butterflies attach them to string like they are flying. I’ve also taught them how to make piggy banks with egg cartons, flour, newspaper, balloons , and paint.

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      Love this.

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      Go on small road trips each weekend to find quirky landmarks or historical sites. Doesn’t have to be far from home to be a vacation! 😉

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      Kids touch me museums and activities museums are good for children they learn while having fun activities to do.

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      Love these ideas!

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      I recently signed up for hands on as we grow – it’s a portal that subscribers get monthly activities, supply lists & printables

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      In your initial post, you mentioned being a student who was interested in entrepreneurship. Would love to see YOUR followup ideas.

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      Great information.

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      Such fun ideas!

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      Art and crafts and playing with clay makes them smart and active. That’s the best thing plus that’s not destructive also.

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      Local park or playground!

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      Very interesting!

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      Getting kids involved in YOGA has proven effective in reducing their out bursts!

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      Nice one.

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      Interesting read

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      I let my kids chose activities, they feel valued

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      Libraries are fun places to go .ann

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      Great information here!

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      Crafts, basic cooking, lots of time outside, walks, role playing, toys, legos etc.

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      Every kid is different and they will have different interests. If they like doing crafts, you can find a lot of different ideas on the internet. You can also look up different things to do towards other interests.

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      At the quarantine, my children and I put a lot of lego, most of the details were lost. Then they saw a 3D pen in the store. It’s unrealistically cool. I thought it will be used only by the eldest son, but the younger also makes dinosaur figures, and they turn out very cool. As I understand it’s also suitable for adults. we have a great time together. You can check it here https://top-mom.com/3d-printer-for-kids/ I wanted to send a picture of a dinosaur but I can’t find how to do it. If someone knows, let me know, please.

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      board games are our go to

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