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      I’m confused by the difference between non-GMO and organic. Are they the same? Should I choose one over the other.

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      The difference to me is that organic is pesticide free essentially from farm to table. And Non-GMO foods can still have some pesticides involved in processing them.

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      GMO foods are genetically modified to resist pesticides/insecticides (usually round up)and modified with genetic make up of other plants or animals and other things are the two biggest things. Conventional pesticides and insecticides are used on GMO crops. Non-GMO foods are not modified to resist conventional pesticides and insecticides nor are the crossed with genetic make up of other plants or animals. Non-GMO foods can be cross bred with other types of the same species. Ex. You can cross breed different types of apples to make a different apple. Non-GMO foods use natural based pesticides and insecticides to keep crop eating bugs away. It is a very in depth subject with a lot to learn about, for more information check out http://www.march-against-monsanto.com/

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      It’s also my understanding that organic foods can not contain genetically modified or engineered ingredients.

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      This is all so informative. I love hearing what other moms have to say. I feel like No-GMO is very important organic foods don’nt put extra products which maybe harmful.

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      To me there shouldn’t be a difference between organic and non-GMO I have no idea how they are different

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      Unfortunately I found out that sometimes they label GMO foods as Organic – example: canola oil. Canola oil is a GMO to begin with. It does not matter they use “organic” ways to make it. It is still a GMO. I think the confusion between organic and non-GMO labels is created on purpose – so the FDA does not make it mandatory as they devalue the meaning of it.

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      When it comes to produce, I always try to follow the ‘dirty dozen’ and only buy organic. if it’s organic, it is not allowed to be gmo.

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      grow your own food as much as possiable

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      It’s very confusing I buy by reading labels and going by what I already know. Use the dirty dozen list with produce and then for other things I buy what I like based on the ingredients list.

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      yes choose organic whenever possible. That way you know you’re avoiding gmo’s along with artificial ingredients, pesticides, perservatives, etc

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      It’s not the same.

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      Good to know.

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      Helpful information.

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      this is good to know

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      Really like BeenTrapped’s explanation of GMO vs Non-GMO. Very detailed and insightful. And of course, the March Against Monsanto link was perfect. Would like to add a word on Organics. Organic gardening is gardening that is done without the help of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. It’s a great way to go for home gardeners. Here in Texas I even make my own soil from a combination of various soil amendments and composts, all organic of course.

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      Very good read.

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      Great sharing.

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      this is very helpful

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      Such a good read, very interesting!

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      very interesting!

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      Good read.

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