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      My daughter was diagnosed with Asthma at the age of 2. We have started using a diffuser on a daily basis. We mix lavender and lemon grass oils. This has definitely improved her asthma. We haven’t used her prescription inhalers since we started. She usually has pro air and What. But for the last 5 months we have seen great improvement. I not a doctor nor did her pediatrician recommend this. Through research and just using my nursing knowledge I decided to try non prescription non invasive therapy. If anyone has any other suggestions to add please do so.

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      Thanks for the information my 6 year old was recently diagnosed with asthma and he is needing to use his inhaler alot so they recently started him on an everyday inhaler and I feel like it is still not under control

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      Great info

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      My daughter was diagnosed with asthma before she was a year old. She was treated with medication on and off. As a mom who does not like to use “big pharma” very often, I needed my child to breathe properly. However, she is now 3 years old. She does have a nebulizer and inhaler to use as needed for tough seasons. She is off all preventative medications. She takes an allergy medication, which helps.
      I would recommend finding what triggers your child’s asthma in order to look up non-prescription methods to control it. Essential oils can be very helpful, or very harmful. Cutting down/out dairy has helped my daughter. An air purifier in her bedroom. Dusting often. And using your mommy instinct!

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      I think if possible to not use medications and try other ways. I have asthma and try to use other techniques because inhaler and such are very expensive.

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      I used to have regular Asthma attacks but it lessened when i started swimming regularly…

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