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      I do love some chocolate almond milk. I prefer sometimes buying dairy free.

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      I am lactose intolerant and I find that I have to change up my brands/flavors. I used to be all about Soy milk for a while until I was introduced to Almond Milk. Lately, I have found that FairLife milk is naturally Lactose free and actually tastes pretty close to the real stuff. It is real milk, but somehow they take the lactose out of it. My 3 year old loves the chocolate flavor, and I sometimes get him the Omega 3 enhanced version of it. Give it a try!

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        I’ll have to try that brand, Jenny. I always wondered about FairLife. I definitely love almond milk more than soy & recently I tried oat milk which was pretty good in smoothies. There’s so many I want to try!

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      I am not lactose intolerant but have family members so we started buying the Almond milk for them and now we love it

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      we love the flavor of “real” milk and need a substitution for that!!!

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      I am not lactose intolerant.

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      I didn’t realize fair life is lactose free. Glad I read this. Good ideas!

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      Renu, glad everything is “interesting…” for you.

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