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      Hello, I’m not new at this because my grandma has this horrible disease and has been living with it for years now but I’m not sure what I can do to help her because she loves Diet sodas and even though I’ve done classes she still won’t stop them… She doesn’t eat well because she also has a colostomy and it isn’t very controllable so she doesn’t eat much or very well and now that I have given her my house I was renting and my aunt lives with her now she’s gotten worse. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do to get her back to being healthy and herself again?

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      Make sure to take care of her and eat healthy foods only

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      You can’t realistically. She got to where she is because of a lifetime of choices. Tell her you love her and want her to be healthier. Tell her if she loves you and her grand baby, she’d take care of herself so she will be around for you. At her age,she may be on Medicare insurance, and they have home aides and people who do home visits to help her. Check out the resources available to you through that

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      This is really rough :/
      does she move at least?
      my father was also diagnosed with diabetes but he really changed his eating habits and what’s also important he starting doing more sports! for sure some days he is cheating but I think he has it kind of under control!

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      My husband is the same. He loves his Diet Mt. Dew. I guess they feel like they can’t enjoy things like other people can so the diet sodas are their thing. His doctor gave us a diet tomfollow. It helped regulate his sugar, but we were hungry a lot. Maybe because I am hypoglycemic. We couldn’t have any fried foods, slice of cheese 3 times a week, 2 slices of bread a day, we could eat chicken, fish, and some venison. Allmthe veggies we wanted especially if they were fresh. No junk foods or pasta. We lost weight and actually did feel better. I hope things get better with your grandma.

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