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      I have been going through our things and getting rid of things we dont use/need. Getting rid of clothes, its amazing how much someone can collect..

      What are your tips for simplifying your house/lives?

      What about with young kids?

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      Yup, that’s probably all of us. Maybe like the Nike slogan – just do it. It takes discipline, shopping is fun. And online is so easy, fun and stress relieving when you are at home with young kids. Follow the rule: for everything you buy new, get rid of two things.
      My problem is the baby things – they DO go through so much as they grow, and I don’t want to get rid of anything as it might be useful for a later child.I’m running out of storage… Who has hints for that problem in a small living space??

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      I am also struggling about what to do about the baby things. With clothes, a friend lent me clothes, but to make sure she got the baby clothes back I put her initials in the clothing.
      About simplifying, I have had friends who have done the 40 day challenge, in which each day you throw a bag of trash out.
      This is a great question, especially with spring cleaning coming!

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      We go through the closets at least once a year to declutter & to donate to those in need.

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      I go through closets at the end of every season. I take out things that won’t fit next year.

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      Agree, getting rid of clutter is hugely helpful in feeling organized, keeping the house clean, etc. But I also agree that I don’t want to part with all those baby things quite yet, and that’s a storage nightmare for me too… some semi-hints: we had way too much, so maybe now is time to save only what you think you might really use next time around.Store by age in packing cubes with the air sucked out (really saves room). Toss stained stuff. Keep unworn/unused stuff in a separate place to have ready to give as gifts.

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      Great advice.

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      Good tips.

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      B J

      Great ideas

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      see what no longer fits and no longer interests them. have donation trucks pick up from you if you have them or join a buy nothing group to offer them to others

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      Great ideas.

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      I suggest watching that new Netflix series, Tidying Up! Helps you minimize what you have in your home

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