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      I just wanted to put this out there to make other mommy’s aware:

      My pediatrician had me introduce peanuts to my little guy around 5-6 months (he’s 21 mths now). I grinded some up for him, had him trying it multiple times, and he was fine. Gave it to him once in a while when we had peanut butter at home. Made him a regular sandwich around 13-14 months and he had a reaction to it. He is now allergic to peanuts.

      I’m just saying this to everyone to be aware because I know everyone, including myself, gets nervous when they first have their little one try it, but also know that these allergies can pop up later, even after early introduction or trying something already. My pediatrician let me know that some allergies do not always pop up right away.

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      That’s good advice and completely true. My son’s peanut allergy did not develop til around 5 yrs old

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