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    I wanted it so bad as a kid. I had a difficult time in school (sometimes, not always). I think if my kid wanted to, I would consider it, but definitely encourage them to be social as well. (Sports, art and/or crafts groups, library, playground, karate or other martial arts, and when old enough, a job etc.)

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    I was the same way. I’m currently debating starting my kids in homeschool. My oldest will be kindergarten age soon and I think it’d be the best way for my kids to learn how they learn (through art, music, and dance).

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    Great start.

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    It’s interesting. I’m a little conflicted if it’s better for the kid or not. Being social, and around others I think is pretty important for preparing them for when they’re older. Maybe in some circumstances it’s for the best. I’m torn!

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    Ladies, I was torn as well, and I just enrolled my son in the k-12 program. Its public school at home. He still gets weekends at the parks, beach, etc.. with his little friends, and I can not have him getting sick everyday! Win/Win. Plus he can still walk across the stage when he graduates because its still public schools!

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