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      I am looking to make a sesame street Christmas tree for my grand daughter…ant ideas??

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      second amazon

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      check this out moms! , let your cooking time be warmed by christmas mood!

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      Hi I make a lot of crafts by hand. Christmas ornaments being one of them. I can give you some ideas but I’m not sure, of course since I don’t know exactly what you want, but am willing to email for a start if you would like. I am new to this forum so hope you get this info.
      Princess Angel Shelly
      [email protected]

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        Thanks I made a Minnie mouse themed tree in her playroom and it came out GREAT….Sadie loves it!! I appreciate you getting back to me though. Happy Holidays

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      I saw some at Five Below and the Hallmark store

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      B J

      I love to make crafts with my kids. I usually google crafts with kids and find a lot of information.

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      I love making crafts with my kiddos,especially festive ones that they get too give as gifts.

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        has anyone made any mickey ears ornaments? looking for ideas we love the mouse!

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        For Mickey, painted styrofoam balls are super easy

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      B J

      I love making crafts with my kids, too. Some great ideas.

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      i love doing crafts. im currently tryin to find things to make that are disney themed since we are goin next may

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      Fun! Thank you!

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      Ornaments would be a cute start. Putting each character on a wood slice or glass ornament.

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      This is a great idea

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      Your granddaughter is lucky to have you. Be sure to make one or two ornaments together with her, so you share the experience better, and she’ll have those ornaments as a memory of you when she has her own kids someday.

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