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    Has anyone experienced their child just suddenly developing eczema out of the blue? My daughter is 6 years old, no changes in diet, detergent, soaps, etc and just out of the blue she developed it on her backside and legs. It comes and goes whenever it pleases and can be painful/itchy for her even in school. I was wondering for those who have had it happen what they found was the cause of it. I would love to see if we can maybe prevent it if possible for her.

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    That is what happened to me. At age 11, I started getting it under my nose. My son has it too and he is only 15 months old. We use MADE OF organic baby lotion. It works great. Much better than the prescription cream, which can cause redness.

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    I love MADE OF baby lotion. For sensitive skin, you should also try their baby hand soap and baby shampoo/wash!

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    B J

    I will try MADE OF lotion for my kids – it sounds great.

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      Yes, you should. Their products are great. I just re-ordered diapers, wipes, and powder. Use the promo code 20off and you will get 20 percent off your order.

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    yes, that happened with us

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    Aveeno eczema cream helps out in my family

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