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      Party Decorations

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      Did you have specific questions or ideas on party decor? I adore parties!

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        Me too! It’s so much fun thinking of a theme and decorating!

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      steamers and balloons

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      Not sure what type of party ideas you’re looking for but since it’s finally starting to feel like summer I like the idea of beach party themes. For a kids birthday you could buy a bag of sand, buy beach pails and fill them with some of the sand, seashells (if you’re a collector of them), probably can buy them somewhere too, personalized beach themed cups you can make, candy and other small toys. You can include t-shirts with a beach theme or make it an activity for them to decorate the t-shirt or include gift certificates for a water park depending on your budget. Could also have the kids put their own touch to the cups and/or seashells from the pail.

      Decorate with beach balls, unlit tiki torches, strings of lights in the shapes of pineapples, the sun, etc., some blow up palm trees. Maybe a dolphin for a pinata though would hate to see a dolphin hit, lol, love them. Usually there is something I forget at the last minute so make sure to have sunscreen and if you have a pool, even a kiddie pool, make sure a adult is watching at all times. Know that’s obvious but thought I’d include it anyway. If no pool get the sprinkler going and let them run through it and burn off some energy.

      There’s a lot of cool ideas for carving watermelons, you could make your own popsicles and a lot of homemade recipes for ice cream sound pretty good too. You can rent slushie machines or even have a food truck come to your home or place of business you may be having the party at. Hope that helped a little bit and I was somewhere on your radar of what you are looking for. Have fun!

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      @mittenmom, thanks for sharing. Cool ideas. We love parties. 🤩

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      nice idea

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      that soudns good!

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      am like partys with my family

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      Love to party.

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      Thanks for ideas.

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      Mitten I like your suggestions!

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      So Cool! We had a planting party one summer with flower plants. All the kids got to plant a flower in some plastic pails from the Dollar Tree. I picked up cheap little flowers from Walmart, and the kids planted a flower for Mother’s Day to take home. Just simple ideas create the most fun.

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      wow you have some great ideas, i have to check back and see later

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      does anyone have any ideas for this baby shark that the kids are crazy over
      need some self made things the party centers get expensive

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      Wow, cool!

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      There are so many different kinds of options. I just seen this cool thing you can do for confetti. You use a hole puncher on dried or fresh leaves. It’s a great way to cut down your carbon foot print. Using natural dyes are also a fun way for the kids to get involved with . Making those decorating, they can make those cool tie dye reusable table cloths. This summer we plan on having a fairy party. It’s going to be great fun.

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      I’m loving the beach theme ideas

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      I use all the time.

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      Great ideas everyone!

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      Wow great ideas!

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      love to read …

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      Thanks for all the great ideas on here!

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      You all had amazing ideas. Thank you. I love to use mini chalk boards for my parties.

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      How can I safely have a mom meet party with vivid 19?

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      I love party deco

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      Me too. I need ideas for a party during vivid

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      deco makes me happy

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      I also need suggestions
      Litho Laminated Cartons

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      I feel like parties are definitely harder now with out being actually in person.

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      These are all fun ideas!!

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      A little can go a long way!

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      Dollar Trees website has had some great ideas for decorating parties with different themes.

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