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      What age appropriate themes would you consider for certain ages? Some things might be a little too old for some kids, even if they’re into it.

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      Color theme. Let them choose a color and roll with it. Thats how I’m doing my kids’ birthdays that are coming up. And then the cake is going to be probably there favorite charector or something like that. Its an idea that might work depending on age..

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      I need some help in this area…We are going with a rose gold color for 1st birthday but want a ‘theme’ to go with it and no idea! help!?

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      Oh good idea with the color theme, Kyla. Kristie, rose gold is a beautiful color, I’m kind of lost of thinking of a theme though. I guarantee there’s more moms on here who have great ideas! 🙂

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      Shapes are a fun theme, like all polka dots

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      I let my kids pick their birthday party themes as soon as they are old enough to talk – before that, I base it on what things/characters they seem to enjoy.

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      I let my kids pick and just try to roll with it. My oldest two are 12 days apart so since they’re young I combine their parties. We have some trucks and tutus, paw patrol and blaze, and the last one was Dunkin’ Donuts and Legos lol it was fun! I do half the decorations in one theme and half with the other. It’s always managed to blend nice.

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      Kristie, I’m sure you have already had the party, but a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme would go perfectly with rose gold!

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      Very cute ideas!

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      I just go with what they are in to. Like for my daughter 1st birthday will be a teddy bear 🧸 one cause she loves teddy bears 🧸!

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      Loving this

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      We did a Wild Kratts party and it was so much fun.

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      Letting kids choose and help is the best idea here… not just “giving” them a party. Then it’s kind of about you instead of them.

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      Good info

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      Treasure hunts can always be personalized to a specific age group.

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      for my sons third birthday we did an art party pARTy 😀 we had all colors of the rainbow and it was fun.

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      Great suggestions!! ♡♡

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      Each child is different. We try to look at their interests and as they get older include them in the planning.

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      Good thinking, Becca. 🙂

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