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      I have an active almost one year old who loves art!

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      do a paint party

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        I’ve done it and the kids love it!

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      Maybe “paint” with something edible… I think after a paint party with one year olds, you will need to check out that other category about homemade household cleaners.

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      cookie designs would be great too for a party!

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      One year olds would love to use frosting as paint.

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      Finger paint party for a one year old would be fun.

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      Great ideas.

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      painting or decorating food

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      I also think decorating food would be great for one year olds! Finger painting would also be fun for them. Just an idea here. You could get a big board and let them all paint on it together. So they can all add their little touch. Working together to make something beautiful. You could take a picture with everyone around it after it’s done.

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      great idea

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      I too will be planning my youngest son. I am trying to keep it simple (because he does not care and I don’t want to stress) and cheap! Paint party sounds fun!

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      Good ideal

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      make your own pizzas could be fun for creative toddlers

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      I got here some good tips! Thanks!

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      my youngest daughter will turn 1 on December, any homemade decoration ideas?

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      paint party sounds amazing!!

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