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      Any of you moms have placenta previa with a first pregnancy? If so and if you’ve had a second child what were your concerns or outcome about having it again?

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      I had a previa with my first. Fortunately, it didn’t happen again for my second.

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      I had marginal placenta previa with my 4th pregnancy. The Dr. Told me at 24 weeks which i now know was too soon for her to tell me that because my new Dr told me it goes away usually on its own by 32 weeks in most cases especially similiar to mine. I was terrified but at the same time had to stay calm because stress doesnt help anything. I just tried not to Google things or listen to other peoples horror stories.

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      It’s funny, I forgot I had it with both of my pregnancies until I read your comment. With both of my children it moved out of the way over time and I was able to give birth naturally. I did do some exercises to try to help it along the way though. I can’t remember at the moment which ones but you can easily do a google search and it will come up with some ideas. the most important thing is to relax if you can.

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      always exercise

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