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      I can’t push this enough. I had quite a few problems as a kid. I got very emotional, whether it was very sad or very angry as a kid. My older sister relentlessly picked on me & I KNOW that had something to do with it. Instead of trying to recognize why I was angry and lashing out at family members, my parents would send me to my room and I got blamed for my own behavior. (The older sister played innocent once I got angry and acted like she did nothing) While I do believe kids should be held accountable for the way they act in certain situations, if your kid is mad, find out why! If they need help, please get it. If you can’t afford therapy, many schools have a guidance counselor your kid can talk to. They may need to get something out. Try to help the situation from an angry child turning into an angry adult. I wish I had gotten that help. I’m still hyper sensitive at times.

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      I am so glad you see things your parents did not and understand where the anger comes from. These tips are really good for moms struggling to help their kids. Therapy can work wonders for children, adults and especially for the family unit.

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      My eldest one is like you were. I realized I was going crazy with her behaviour and it was just getting worse. Urget changes were needed… I started working on her understanding of emotions, how she was feeling and showing her I acknowleged the way she was feeling. I looked online and I found some charts of emotions. I made one for her and always when she gets angry or sad we go to the chart, put the arrow on the emotion of that moment and start thinking together what we can do to move the arrow to ‘happy’. When she does something I don’t like, i also take her to the chat and show her how I feel at that moment. And she started, recently, also asking me what she can do to change my feeling to ‘happy’. It has been working much better than I thought!

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      Good information

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      completely agree

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      completely agree

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