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    Anything you can. My sister and I fought so much as kids, it has affected us as adults. I don’t really like to be near her with how mean she was and she is very cold to me.

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    Im so sorry to hear this. My sister & i fought a lot too & we are very different people. When i had my 1st it helped a lot because she loves being auntie. I think sometimes you just need a fresh start. Apologize for what you can or need to but make ask to start over & ecpress your desire to build a relationship. Its not easy but show you care. No relationship is easy, it takes work & time.

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      You are so right, Kylie. I have tried (and yes I can continue, but when I say she’s cold, girl, she’s frozen.) It’s very difficult to be around her. When she had her first and only child, my sweet nephew, things did change. I love him with all my heart and he knows that. We have a special bond, him & I. Her and I do talk at family functions, but she’s still very difficult to talk to. I feel like when someone in your life is this toxic, it’s better to keep a distance. My nephew and I have special time together & hey, I love my brother in law! Haha, things will eventually feel more peaceful, hopefully. I do try, just wish she seemed to. Thank you for reaching out & telling me your experience with your sister as well. You’ve been very helpful. Have a wonderful day, Kylie. <3

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    Sorry you are dealing with this.

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    I really hope things get better for you mom!

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