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      Dearest Friends & Family- I’ve created a GoFundMe Account in hopes of a blessing to help my mom, myself and Chancellor . As many of you know, I have not been around for a year or so. As humbling, embarrassing and hard as this is, I have been facing Mental Illness issues. I have not been able to work since January, and finances are completely depleted, and bills going into the second cycle, including rent. I have been seeking outside medical help, as well as on regimented medications. I have had 2 psychologist recommend I go for In-patient therapy. This leaves my mom and Chancellor without any help at home, ie; bills, and I finally feel broken and need help, but I can not do this knowing my mom (who else has ailments) would be left with nothing, worse case- no home. I decided to talk about my Mental Illness because I don’t want to be a statistic, I just want to gain a manageable me back; one that embrassses and understands my PTSD, Domestic Violence-emotional and physical, so much so I was left for dead on the bathroom floor, by my now ex-husband. I face Depression, OCD, Bi-Polar, Manic behaviors, social phobia, insomnia, chronic anxiety and panic attacks daily.
      Some of you have been blessed to financially help in some way, and others I know have a strong faith in our God, and if you could just pray for this season in our lives, it would mean as much to know I have additional Prayer Warriors!
      I’m unsure how this program works, but if there is any hesitance to our needs and my plea, I would do anything needed to give information to my direct bills.
      Thank you would never and could never be enough – but I love your hearts and no deed will go unnoticed.

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      Prayers for you and your Family!!

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      Good information

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      Best of luck to you!

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