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      I just got a blood test done today to see if I have any food allergies. In my case, sometimes after having milk I get a tummy ache and cramping. The funny thing is that I dont get it all the time. So is there such a thing called “part time lactose intolerance”? I dont know,maybe it’s just me and my body is weird how it digests food. If anyone else has this PLEASE let me know and what you did about it. I’ll definitely be curious on what my results will show. Even if it shows that I am lactose intolerant, I still probably won’t give up milk, because I’m a milk freak!

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      Try milk alternatives such as almond milk flaxseed milk or rice milk

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      i didn’t think i have lactose intolerance, but occasionally i feel the same cramping, but not always, so maybe lactose intolerance doesn’t show symptoms all the time

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      My Grandson was DX with Lactose intolerance but thank goodness it is so easy to not miss dairy. He loves almond milk and there are so many things out now… even yogurt and icecream that’s made nondairy.

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      I started taking a product called Digest Assure before any lactose or dairy products and it’s allowed me to eat anything with lactose now! Changed my life for sure! It’s made by from a very green conscious company that uses 100% SOLAR ENERGY to produce and power their entire huge manufacturing plant as well as using NOTHING BUT PURE INGREDIENTS in ALL their supplements. They’re expensive but oh so worth it. I take several of that companies natural supplements. I hope everyone will check this company out and stop using chemical laden supplements. Digest Assure also helps me eat spicy foods again in addition to lactose and dairy products, without any side effects anymore and also no side effects from the all natural pure ingredients in ALL their products. Hope this is helpful for you as well. Being able to eat all things with lactose and dairy again has been beyond life changing! Before adding Digest Assure to my life, even the slightest amount of lactose or dairy caused me severe and horrible gastrointestinal issues that lasted several days. Now I don’t even get the least twinge as long as I remember to take one Digest Assure capsule before or during my intake of lactose, dairy or other foods that used to cause me gastrointestinal problems!

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      there’s a lot of alternatives that are sort of creamy like milk – almond, cashew, coconut, rice

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      This happens to me. I’m 27 years old and have always had milk at least once a daily. I just started feeling weird after drinking milk. I’ve decided to cut it out and try alternatives. You can get the same benefits from other sources

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      Almond milk is a great substitute

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