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      Hi guys a friend sent me this one and i don’t know what to tell her….would love to hear your input:

      Hi I’m so desperate and don’t even know what to do..
      I am suffering from depression for the past year. it started when my baby was 6month old. Gradually……
      My husband came from another culture where they don’t understand mental health at all. If someone is dealing with depression they think it is like the worst thing.
      Everytime I cry he screams at me!!!! Even when I tell him that I cry because of depression and not because of him he still get so mad at me . I try to show him videos online about postpartum depression so he can understand me better but instead he tells me that I made it up watching this and that’s why I’m acting like that. That it is all my choice in my mind and I am fine!

      If he see me sad or cry he just get so mad at me. It makes it so worthi can’t even describe how horrible I feel right now… I’m so broken and can’t even cry in my home even if I go to another room to cry he will get so mad at me!!!

      He think if he gets mad at me I will stop feeling makes it even harder for me.

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      it might be best for her to seek help like from a therapist possibly or helpline to talk to. there are also mom groups for this, so maybe she can seek comfort and support there

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      Please encourage your friend to get help> Her OB/GYN or PCP might be a good place to start.

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      You both need help. See out a mental health professional as soon as possible. For your kid’s sake, if not your own.

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      I don’t have much to say because I struggle myself but hugs for your friend and best of wishes ♥️

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      i would definitely seek help .. google online

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      Definitely try a mental health provider, Postpartum can get so hard and sometimes just so unbearable that You just don’t know what to do. And the husband doesn’t seem to be helping any, even if she tries doing couples counceling with him, maybe that could help.

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      Yes, she needs someone, a friend , sibling, mom, cousin, or even a professional to help her overcome postpartum depression and husband depression if I may say, he is not only not helping but he’s making her worse!

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      So many benefits!

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