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      What age was your child/children potty-trained? My little girl will be 3 and she is stubborn. My husband and I have never pushed her, so I know there is no fear of the potty, but she refuses to use it! We have tried the bottomless approach when at home and she will hold it in for hours rather than go to the potty! We even did the sticker reward system but that is not incentive enough for her. She just will not budge!

      I really shouldn’t care what people think but I am starting to feel like a failure when people make comments like “she is not potty trained yet?”

      Any tips would be appreciated.

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        Lots of it

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        Yes! I just struggled with this with my middle child. She is 3 & veeeeerrrrry stubborn my old daughter was a piece of cake. But this child not so much, I thought I had a great amount of patience until I started potty training with her. Well I didn’t. Then once I realized it I fixed it & she then was potty trained all day & at bed time within a week.

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      Patience is key here. My daughter will be four in september and refuses to poo in the potty. Under all circumstances will not do it. She will pee all day long and even stay dry during outings,but at night time she had to be in a frustrated, but i know she will do it when shes ready and so will your little one.

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      My boy is 2 now and I am not even sure where to start but just be patient and I heard they will know when they are ready.

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      Seriously when they say “they will go when they are ready” it is so true! Everytime I tried to teach them they were not interested and as soon as they were ready (I have three boys) they instantly started going and haven’t had any accidents since!

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      Good info

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