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    Okay ladies, let’s be honest here while all of us earthy mommas love to feed our little growing babies with all of natures goodness, it can often become difficult when those second trimester cravings start kicking in. What is your favorite or what was your favorite pregnancy healthy snack that kills sugar and salt cravings?

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    grapes… they are sweet

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    I still always make a bowl of fresh berries (raspberries, black berries, strawberries, blueberries), I add cut up bananas. I then drizzle with a teaspoon of raw honey and top with a tablespoon of organic almond butter. IT IS AMAZING! Just like dessert and healthy for you!

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    I love making my own protein balls or breakfast cookies with a nut butter, oats, raw honey, mashed banana, some chocolate chips, cranberries, nuts, etc.
    Apples with almond butter can be filling and satisfy sweet cravings.

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    I loved having trail mix. Easy to make and also lots of great options at the store.

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    I feel like all healthy eating will go out the door once I’m pregnant and it’ll be all about comfort food. Any healthy comfort food recipes or ideas that help?

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    I need more ideas… keep them coming!

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