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    Hello I don’t have diabetes but I am at risk just because my family on my dads side has it. What can I do to minimize the chances ?

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    eat healthy and go to the doc regularly

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    nice post.

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    avoid certain foods, especially sugar, and check with your doctor

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    I heard from church friend and my mom that guava can help lower diabetes risk. There is an Asian Guava Tea drink in our local supermarket. I’m not sure if it works or not but my friend stated that it helps her. Hope this helps.

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    Eating healthy-leafy greens, vegetables, and especially following a Mediterranean diet were all recommended to my husband when he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. What you are most likely referring to is Type 2 diabetes which will also benefit from the suggestions above. Water intake is also very important and really just eating in moderation.

    The fact that you are proactively trying to prevent diabetes is a good first step in and of itself.

    Good luck to you.

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    excercise and reduce fat around your waist

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    Great suggestion.

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