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    Does anyone use special dish soap for washing their baby’s bottles? I’ve been using MADE OF brand’s bottle/dish soap and I really like it so far. Before browsing their website it didn’t even occur to me to use a soap made specifically for this purpose, but I am glad I made the switch. It’s organic and natural and they are open about their ingredients which makes me good about purchasing their products.

    Is anyone else using MADE OF bottle soap or any other brand with soap made specifically for washing baby bottles and baby-related items? How are you liking it?

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    nice post

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    I would also like to know of any such products?

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    Here is a link to the MADE OF products – https://madeof.com/organic-baby-bath-and-body.html

    If you use the code “20off” you can get 20% off your order, too.

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    Emily I actually use MADE OF Foaming Organic Baby Bottle & Dish Soap for bottle washing and washing anything that goes near my babies’ mouth. I LOVE this and all MADE OF products.

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