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      I am looking for a way to reuse prescription bottles. Does anyone know of any hacks or crafts or any way to recycle or reuse these containers?

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      I have been wondering that also. My husband laughs at me for saving all the bottles but I would really love to find something to do with them.

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      i agree

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      I also have been saving prescription bottles. I find a bunch of ideas from Pinterest for DIY projects.

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      I Love to Do these types of projects

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      Good idea. I hate to throw out those bottles

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      I’m sure pinterest has great ideas. I just throw them out and recycle. I don’t always have time to do projects

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      YouTube has a “5 minute crafts” selection of videos that are amazing!! If you type in 5 minute crafts, you will find tons of quick crafts from using concrete (yes, there are some fantastic ideas I NEVER thought of!) to prescription bottles,food and everything in between. It’s worth taking a look!!

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      I will definitely look on Pinterest! I have so many extra bottles.

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      good idea

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