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      My husband and I are considering homeschooling. What do you consider pros and cons of homeschooling?

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      It may depend on which state you live in. Where we live it is a relaxed state-I am considered a private school and so do not have to do any checking in with the state or testing. (Pro side!)

      Our list of pros is huge, for us the only possible con may be that I do not have the child free window of time during the day that other parents do, though I do not know what I am missing out on so it does not bother me!

      Some of the many pros for our family include:
      Tons of bonding time
      Vacations anytime it works for us
      Advancing to any level in any subject
      Hanging back in any subject or area when needed
      Healthy family lunch time
      Sleeping in, or starting as early as we like!
      Year round learning is a given
      My children are confident and eager to discuss concepts and ideas
      We teach things like history and science as we see fit-not how a school district or state decides (Columbus Day is a good example)
      As much nature walks, hikes, foraging and such as we please
      Movies totally count as rhetoric of cinema 😉

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      Looks like lot of benefits on homeschooling

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      Those are a lot of pros. My husband and struggled in what to do this year, and did end up putting our son in public school this year, with the agreement that if it did not seem he was doing well, we would take him out. He is doing well, actually the best he has since starting school (he is in 4th grade), but I am home with our younger son, so when my older son goes to school or come home, I am still here, which makes a difference from when I was working.
      We are keeping the door open if something changes, or even for my younger son.
      Thanks for the input

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      For us, some pros are saving money, quality time with the kids, and well as knowing that your child is safe. A few cons would be trying to keep from redundancy with lesson planning.

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      Following. Good advice.

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      Pros: We can travel whenever which means none of the typical business of theme parks, museums, etc. We make our own schedule… so if we miss our science lesson at 11 AM we can do it at 11 PM if we want to. There is no waiting for school buses, waking up ridiculously early, bullying, superficial worries about what to wear. You create your own curriculum so if there is something you don’t believe in whether it be ethically or religiously, you don’t have to teach it. DISCOUNTS, DISCOUNTS, DISCOUNTS! Most stores like Barnes and Noble and Joanne’s give homeschooler discounts.

      Cons: We live in NY state so you have to jump thru 7 hoops of fire, stand on your head, recite your ABC’s backwards and cast 5 Harry Potter spells to get approved for homeschooling. Basically just find out your state laws on homeschooling and always know your rights as a homeschooler.

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      We’re starting to look into this too. Thanks for this advice everyone!

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      I have been homeschooling my children for 4 years now and it has been a great experience. Our family is close and don’t have to worry about all the violence in schools nowadays. Pros each child can advance at their own pace.

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      I’m thinking about doing this when my son gets older the only downside I see is interactions with other kids..the “real world” not just our house. To have the opportunities to make friends and learn the realities of the outside world. Thoughts on this??

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      I have been debating homeschooling as well. The schools are so crowded here and the state has no requirements. The only con I have is motivating myself to actually do schooling each day and trying to make interesting.

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      Too much work though

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      Depending on the age as well. I have a 3yo and homeschooling him is allot easier i would say then a child in middle or high school.

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