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      My daughter is going into kindergarten this year. oh my gosh, where has the time gone? I’m not sure if it’s in every Alabama school but the school she would have gone to has a virtual public school that she can do at home. she could do half at home than the other half at school or completely at home. we chose to do it all at home. I was wondering if anyone else has done this? I want to say its called power school. if so can you tell me what it is like and if you haven’t but do homeschool how is that? what kind of curriculum do you use? did you make a classroom (that’s what I really want to do) do you have a school desk for your child if so can you tell me where you got it or know of some discount store that sells them cheap. I didn’t realize me wanting to make a classroom would cost so much. yes, we could do it on the couch or kitchen table but I want her to have a feel of what school and a classroom is like. luckily my best friend enrolled her son who is also going into kindergarten and we’ve already made plans to do this together so she won’t be all alone. That’s a big plus. if anyone has any home school tips tricks and info would help me out a lot. I’m also hoping someone else has or is in this virtual homeschool.

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      I would not recommend this because it will severely damage her peer level social skills. Instead of playing with kids later on , she will want to hang out with adults, because that’s what their used to.
      I would have done at least half and half. Also school is where you learn to deal with problems , real life problems , and figure out how to avoid them when you hit the real world.
      I mean, she can’t LIVE inside at home Forever, she needs to be socially and pemotionally able to deal with all types up people or even law it will leave her vulnerable if she were ever to leave quiet Alabaman… just saying – if you choose this path, make sure she goes into some sort of girl schoolol and or playgroups. Also over time if she wants to go to public school, don’t hold her back because you are afraid to let her go.
      They are her dreams not yours.
      Separation anxiety will be worse for you than her. And she will even get the pleasure of riding the school bus !!

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      I would prefer public schools over home school except for now with covid 19

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      We stayed with virtual and that is turning out amazing for multipole reasons. Your child will not lose social skills if you put them in activities. There’s girl scouts, boy scouts, sports, ballet and so much more that your child can do without having to attend a public school. Public schools are lacing in so many ways that we found homeschooling through a private online site was so much better. Mind you we live in a area where the schools are suppose to be superb. Good Luck on what you decide.

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