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      My daughter is turning 5 next year, which means she would be officially starting school. My husband and I are still debating whether to put her in a public school or private school.I believe that private schools have better curriculum and I love that kids get to wear the uniform too. Would like to know what other moms think about that.

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      It depends on the school. I would suggest that you take a visit to several schools in your area, both public and private. Look at the facilities, curriculum, and try to meet some of the school staff. See if you can get some feedback from parents in your vicinity.

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      my daughter goes to private school and boy what a difference vs public schools. I would never send her to public school.

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      There is not a clear answer to this one (public schools in our area have uniforms…). There are pluses and minuses to both. Visit the schools – really spend some time. (How receptive is your public school to a visit – that might be pretty indicative of how responsive they will be to your concerns if you enroll there.) Actually, I think the biggest difference is your child’s classmates, and that varies from year to year in any school. Peer “pressure”, ability to have friends etc – even at age 5 – is HUGE.So try to see who will be in your child’s class.

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      if you have the money it is worth it to go private

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      Private if you can afford it!

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