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      How can you tell signs of ADHD? My husband has it and when he talks about how he grew up how much trouble he had learning. I am feeling like our daughter may have it but I dont want to drug her up I’d like to try something else if she were to even have it.

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      Bring her to a doctor. It’s the only way to know for sure.

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      I just dont want her to suffer through her childhood like my husband did but I feel like she is to young for meds. That and idk if it’s just because shes a kid.

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      Meds are usually sort of a last resort. There are all sorts of behavioral modification strategies, coping skills (like how to be organized) that can be taught, accommodations in the classroom that will benefit her, etc etc etc. Find some help from people who know more than you (doctor might be a start) – you SHOULD find lots of ways to help her that aren’t medication.

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      Ask your pediatrician or school nurse

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      So many questions

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        Always write your questions down before going to the Dr.

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      My son has ADHD. It was teachers of his that informed us that we should get him assessed. We do not currently have him on medication but we do have many strategies that we try. Having information and coping skills has helped. My son hates school and it creates depression in him because he struggles so much. We have learned some skills to help him, i.e. he takes test alone to help him be distracted less.
      Finding the right doctor helps. My son’s doctor has given us information on medications and given us her thoughts on it but she does not push meds and allows us to choose what is best for our son. Getting information and an official diagnosis won’t hurt.

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      Leann that is what happened to my husband when he was younger and I want to try my best to avoid it for our daughter. Thank you so much for your helpful feedback. I just dont want it to be so had for her..

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      Good details here!

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