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      Stay busy, eat gum, and do the patch.make it 10 days and you should be good.

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      It’s hard but doable.

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        I quit 34 years ago. With determination you can do it… I am a prime example that it can be done….

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      good luck!

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      get the patches. when I was in the hospital for a few days that what they gave me and I did not crave a cig at all

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      I worked at Walgreens for 3 years. I had a customer who wanted to quit and told me to stop selling him cigarettes even if he insisted. He would then come in and buy a big bag of m&ms put them in a jar and when he felt the urge to smoke he would eat an m&m. Slowly but surely he quit smoking. His urges went away. He said the key is to find a hobby or a different but good habit. You can replace m&ms with grapes for example. Best of luck.

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