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      my doctors want me to quit but i have been smoking for so long it is really hard and so i have been cutting down in hopes to quit

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      use the gum

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      According to my experience, it took 3 years in general. I either cut off smoking at once or reduced the number of cigarettes gradually but still started smoking after a while. Finally, I couldn’t stand the fact of addiction and decided to “forget” about cigarettes once and for all. Moreover, my husband wanted a baby but we agreed that I had to quit smoking before.
      Firstly, I started to take a break separate from the coworkers who smoked. It’s important to reduce an opportunity even to smell cigarette smoke at an early stage.
      Secondly, and it’s not my credit, my husband presented me a vaporizer for my birthday. I’ve never believed it could help quit smoking but vaping became a crucial step in my fight. If it’s intolerable to abandon a habit, at least you can make it less harmful. However, I had to quit vaping too before the pregnancy. For this time it was much easier because I vaped nicotine-containing liquids.
      Now I’m happy because I have a healthy baby boy who doesn’t have to smell smoke of vape flavor!
      Unfortunately, there are a looot of other techniques I didn’t know before. And there are a lot of sites full of useful information. For example, this is a nice article “for beginners”
      However, keep looking, there are a lot of great forums and people who are ready to help! Especially, your family will be the best help!

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