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      While I only have one child and he does not have any nut allergies (that we are aware of), early on, I gained a “mama instinct” of nut allergies when he was about two. One of my friends has a little girl who is allergic to nuts, and she would advocate and educate through her social media. When I met my neighbor, one of her four kids had a nut allergy, and that caused me to want to take extra precautions of myself and son to keep her son and other kids safe. Parents I meet today seem surprised when I ask if there are any allergies when their kid plays with my kid at my house or yard, and I say I don’t want to be a reason a child is hospitalized.

      From learning how nut allergies can affect anyone, not just kids, I taught my son the importance of hand washing early on and even though he has no allergies to nuts we make sure to clean what we touch outside the house. I will be getting ready to try for another baby in the future, and just by learning from friends has helped me understand if I am ever in their shoes. Our school is nut-free, and any snacks I buy throughout the year for him are nut-free in case he shares with other kids.

      What are some other tips or facts that you wish people would understand?

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      I’m actually surprised that people are surprised when you ask. It’s really nice that you take the extra precautions. Luckily, mine also doesn’t have a nut allergy, but I would most certainly appreciate it if someone asked!

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      Precaution is everything!

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      It’s really nice that you take the extra precautions.

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      Yes but allergies are challenging for many.ann

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      Good share.

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      thanks for starting this thread

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      loved it

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