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    My god daughter is allergic to eggs she can’t even eat anything with eggs in it.

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    My daughter is also allergic to eggs and dairy and wheat. I learned a lot!!! and still learning. It’s like a science project everyday lol.

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    almost all desserts have eggs in them

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    When my oldest daughter was born, she was allergic to eggs, peanuts, tomatoes, milk and all milk products. It was rough but she eventually grew out of them-or maybe it was my constant care and prayer that did it (who knows). She only has a little sensitivity to milk now, but everything else is not a problem for her…

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    Same for my daughter. She has been allergic to eggs since she was a baby and now she is 11 and she still is allergic to it. Hopefully she will outgrow it

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    Any suggestions of desserts that is egg free? Thx

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    Really hard to find good desserts without eggs. homemade may be the best !!

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    try diiferent brands

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