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      It’s a sad and unfortunate thing for anyone to deal with. I have an adult male friend with it. I feel bad saying so, but there were times at a friend’s house, and we saw he “flaked” around the room. Hey, it’s not fun. Make sure your little ones always have what they need to control it.

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      Yes it is so important to teach them how to control it! Such a terrible thing to deal with.

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      My son has started to deceive it and I’m doing everything I can to help

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      Aw, I am so sorry to hear that, Sarah. Best of luck. I’m sure you are! <3

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      We switched to all organic or all natural as much as possible. I use Made Of products on my DS at the request of our dermatologist and it worked in no time. Not to mention, we have had little to no flare ups since starting MADE OF products. I use the baby wash, baby lotion, diapers, wipes, and the powder that is TALC-FREE. It is definitely worth a try bc we tried sooooo many things before finding this. Good luck!

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      Good information

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      Good information

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      Thanks for the info, Holly Robertson! ♡

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