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      Hey gals!
      Does anyone know the best and most economical shops to get art supplies, sewing and knitting supplies, general
      Paint and wood and other mixed media stuff? I always get the JoAnn coupon but after that, it’s WAY too expensive to fulfill my crazy crafting habit!!!

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      I am not sure what is by you, what about trying to go to multiple stores, if they are close by. I know Acmoore and Michaels usually has 50% coupons weekly.
      I will be following this post to see any other suggestions you might get. I know I don’t craft as much because of my toddler but also pricing.

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      Yes, Michael’s is a good store; or you can Google and find little mom & pop art supply stores in your area as they are not as expensive an brick & mortar stores (big franchises)…

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      Check out the clearance aisle at Wal-Mart. They often have crafting supplies at 70-80% off.

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      thrift stores

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      I love hobby lobby and dollar tree.

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      grr ideas

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      dollar stores and secondhand shops

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      Great ideas.

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      Good read.

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      Hobby lobby Michaels and thrift stores

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      Lots of things that can be used for crafts are at home improvement stores (like Home Depot), and cheaper than equivalent items at hobby stores.

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      I love to go to hobby lobby to get stuff, but many times i look at dollar tree and get a lot of stuff that i need way cheaper.

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      Very interesting!

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      Great sharing.

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      Hobby Lobby has 50% off sales weekly!

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