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    I use a lot of recycle groups. I created one through facebook in last three years have saved thousands of pounds of stuff from going to landfill. I am really into the recycling stuff. I use freecycle as well. I try to find any recycling groups I can. I teach my children importance of recycling paper, plastics, bottles and items that we no longer need. We try to find others who can use them.

    We have recycled clothing to churches. We have used repaired clothing taught kid how to sew, we have done consignment activities, etc.

    Trying to find out what other recycling groups are out there..

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    We recycle too. I havent found othet groups and sadly freecycle isnt as popular as it use to be

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    Me either. I recycle alone and have never seen or even knew of group recycling. This information is very informative…

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    There is also Buy Nothing on Facebook for giving away items without throwing them away

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