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      My “recycling” that gets picked up every two weeks gets picked up separately then my trash. However when it is picked up it is not recycled it gets thrown in the regular dump truck 🙁

      Should I even bother? I’m trying to make a positive impact on the environment and only seem to not be helping! BTW I live I Pittsburgh PA!

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      That sounds frustrating. If it was me, I would continue because at least your teaching you children a lesson.

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      Check with your municpality. Some towns mix trash and recycling and sort them later.

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      Yes, I agree, check with your town on what their policy is with that. That doesn’t seem right… I hope they sort it later. I know some companies do that.

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      Up cycling can be so much fun!

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      That is so frustrating. I’ve heard rumors about this happening, but have not witnessed it myself. So sad. I would contact the company or whoever pays for this service if you live in a neighborhood or building complex.

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