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      its hard , some places will not take the bottles. so i just put it curb box..

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      that makes sense

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      regular recycling collection should take them

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      It’s great that you try. That’s odd that they won’t take glass though. They have some restrictions on our recycling by me too. Certain numbers on plastic they won’t take. It stinks. I want to recycle everything.

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      I like to recycle , with glass bottles we can have them all together if they’re clear or if they’re going they have to be separated . I enjoy recycling.

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      I take mine to the local recycling center

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      I reuse glass bottles for vases and cute votives

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      Local recycling areas would be my best bet! Giant Eagle?
      Good luck!

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      Hi every one. I keep all my glass bottles and create things with them. For example wine bottles and unusual glass ones. I printed off Harry Potter labels for Halloween orange pop became pumpkin juice ect. I also took little jars not matching put homemade bath whips in them and labelled them in Harry Potter themed too they sell quite well. Also jars are so great for pantry organizing the possibilities are endless we use jam jars for homemade freezer jams

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      Also for those who can’t recycle there is free Join your location and give them away to someone who will use them. You would be surprised. What people arelookimg for and what people just give away. It keeps stuff also out of landfills. Also not sure about what can be recycled. recyclebank. Rewards you for reycling and educates at the same time

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        Thanks for the info, Dusty!! That’s very helpful. 🙂

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      This is helpful.

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      I second Schools are always looking for jars and bottles, etc. Aside from people who are crafty and always come up with ideas.

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      we love recycling glass. it is not picked up curbside with our normal recycling service so we have to drive it to a collection location in the city. my kids love recycling and it’s fun for them to dump the glass into the dumpster.

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      I take mine to the local recycling center.

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      I take mine to the local recycling center.

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      This is great!!!

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      Unfortunately, some cities depend on contracts with the companies that buy the byproducts from recycling on whether to accept certain items or not. In my city, the problem is with plastic bags. I personally never use them, but seeing the stores packing single item in a bag so freely as if it there was no tomorrow makes me quite upset since the city’s recycling program doesn’t cover these plastic bags. Next door over is another story and they take everything. Go figure.

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      Very nice read.

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      I clean and reuse as much as I can!

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      A volunteer walks in our area and collects glass bottles for art installations

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      regular recycling collection should take them

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      Is there also a way you can reuse some ofnthe bottles? To keep small things, to reuse as art, etc?

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      I clean and reuse as much as I can. Although I am lucky in my city we are given one big recycle bin and everything I think can be recycled goes in and they sort it at the plant when it arrives.

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